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The Way It Is/ Bonus & Regular Columns 2006

by Gordon Kirby

2006 Index

#38   The Way It Is/ Why Dan Gurney is America's greatest racing man    (12/18/06)

#37   The Way It Is/ There's plenty of talent out there for our changing times    (12/11/06)

#36   The Way It Is/ What's it all about Mr Mosley?    (12/4/06)

#35   The Way It Is/ The Spec Car Age is here to stay. Who will get it right?    (11/27/06)

#34   The Way It Is/ Johnson's first title and NASCAR's brave new world    (11/20/06)

#33   The Way It Is/ There may yet be more to American racing life than NASCAR    (11/13/06)

#32   The Way It Is/ Jimmie Johnson's momentum, Montoya's travails, and Allmendinger's long trek    (11/6/06)

#31   The Way It Is/ Sebastien Bourdais talks about F1, NASCAR and his goal of winning a record fourth consecutive Champ Car title    (10/30/06)

Bonus Column
      The Way It Is/ A.J. Allmendinger's move to NASCAR with Red Bull/Toyota may be a precursor to NASCAR's Toyota-dominated future    (10/26/06)

#30   The Way It Is/ The Schumacher Era comes to an invigorating end    (10/24/06)

Bonus Column
      The Way It Is/ Juan Montoya is having a fine time settling into life in NASCAR    (10/19/06)

#29   The Way It Is/ Discussing NASCAR's Car of Tomorrow with technical chief Robin Pemberton    (10/16/06)

Bonus Column
      The Way It Is/ NASCAR's big show rolls on from strength to strength    (10/12/06)

#28   The Way It Is/ An inside look at Renault and Ferrari's fierce battle for supremacy in F1    (10/9/06)

Bonus Column
      The Way It Is/ After a forty-year run Cosworth is out of Formula One    (10/6/06)

#27   The Way It Is/ Champ Car continues to rebuild despite Tony George's eternal intransigence    (10/2/06)

#26   The Way It Is/ Champ Car's entertaining return to Road America. Long may it last!    (9/25/06)

#25   The Way It Is/ NASCAR's championship chase begins as NASCAR Canada arrives    (9/18/06)

#24   The Way It Is/ Going for his eighth world title, Michael Schumacher announces his retirement at the end of the season    (9/11/06)

#23   The Way It Is / What is Champ Car's future in Montreal and the province of Quebec?    (9/4/06)

#22   The Way It Is/ Graham Rahal may prove to be the best of a new wave of talented American open-wheel racers    (8/30/06)

#21   The Way It Is/ Testing of the new Panoz DP01 Champ car is underway at Sebring    (8/22/06)

#20   The Way It Is/ Some assessments and a few forecasts as racing's mid-season championship battles rage on    (8/14/06)

#19   The Way It Is/ Dangers lurks as an unmoveable presence in racing    (8/7/06)

#18   The Way It Is/ San Jose points the way to changing times    (8/2/06)

#17   The Way It Is/ Historic racing is booming in America. Can we learn anything from it?    (7/24/06)

#16   The Way It Is/ Ruminating about why there are no successful American racing magazines    (7/17/06)

#15   The Way It Is/ Allmendinger keeps winning, Montoya makes a big move to NASCAR with Ganassi    (7/10/06)

#14   The Way It Is/ More on F1 in America and the engines rules for 2007 and '08    (7/3/06)

#13   The Way It Is/ Formula One in America. Rolling backward rather than forward?    (6/26/06)

#12   The Way It Is/ Soccer may be largely invisible in America but it blows Formula 1 away in the USA's sports market    (6/19/06)

Bonus Column
      The Way It Is/ Newman/Haas's general manager Brian Lisles has some interesting ideas to make more exciting racing    (6/16/06)

#11   The Way It Is/ John Force is at the heart of NHRA drag racing    (6/12/06)

#10   The Way It Is/ Let's hope politics won't damage the careers of two of the sport's great talents    (6/5/06)

#9   The Way It Is/ Tony George's dystopian vision is upon us    (5/29/06)

#8   The Way It Is/ Is there a correct formula for open-wheel oval racing?    (5/22/06)

#7   That Way It Is/ Debating the Great Spec car Plague    (5/15/06)

#6   The Way It Is/ There are many messages from Champ Car's booming new Atlantic formula    (5/9/06)

#5   The Way It Is/ Formula 1's ultimate elitist image trumps all in the global market    (5/2/06)

#4 :  The Way It Is/Emerson Fittipaldi talks about racing in the new GP Masters series   (4/25/06)

#3 :  The Way It Is/The Car of Tomorrow and Toyota will have big effects on NASCAR in the coming years   (4/18/06)

#2 :  The Way It Is/ A beautiful day masked a stark reality   (4/13/06)

#1 :  The Way It Is/ Looking at the challenges faced by American open-wheel racing   (4/6/06)

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